Internal Audit Worldwide


KWC was established in 2006 to provide a range of personal professional services, drawing on Keith Wade’s extensive experience of working directly with clients in over 40 countries around the world - advising them on establishing or reinvigorating their internal audit functions, conducting appraisals of their effectiveness, helping to introduce control self-assessment, identifying training needs and the best way to meet them - and numerous other projects.

Keith is well-known as the founder of CATS International, a company founded in 1986 that has since acquired an international reputation as a leader in internal audit training and consultancy. Now a key division of Kingdom Management Limited (KML), CATS goes from strength to strength, with Keith serving as its Training and Development Director, and naturally the organisations work closely, with projects being referred between the two.

KWC specialises in providing personalised advisory services to both private and public sector organisations, ranging from large international corporations to small municipalities, from major banks to local hospitals. We work with individuals, companies, governments, aid agencies, and a wide variety of other bodies. We advise, guide and assist internal audit and risk management units, Ministries of Finance, State Audit functions, regulators and many others in helping them to develop competence and confidence, advance standards and take a proactive, progressive and professional approach to their work.

KWC also embraces the work done by Keith with academic institutions, NGOs, other consultancies, and professional bodies, such as the Institute of Internal Auditors, CIPFA, IRM and AIRMIC.

Our approach

Our work is practical, participative, personal and professional. Each project is conducted or supervised by Keith Wade. We seek to find out as much about our clients as we can, and tailor our services accordingly. Although our guidance is based on so-called ”international best practice” we recognise the practicalities and constraints of life, understand that the world is not homogeneous, and appreciate the significance and impact of local cultures, environments and needs.

Our consultancy advice is totally unbiased. We are tied to no other agency, supplier or body apart from our links with CATS. We comment objectively and with authority on professional statements, regulatory demands, control and risk management models, and other developments, and assess their significance and relevance. We aim to win your trust, confidence and respect through the impartiality of our advice and the quality and usefulness of our work. Although our reputation is our biggest asset, we do not take it for granted.