Internal Audit Worldwide


We are specialists in personal, professional, and institutional development in our fields of expertise.

Our Services include:

  • In-house advice on standards and practices of internal audit, risk management, business control and corporate governance
  • One-to-one guidance for Heads of Internal Audit and Risk Management, Directors responsible for these functions, Audit Committee members and other senior staff
  • Personal coaching for all levels of internal audit staff
  • Independent appraisals of internal audit functions and aspects of their work
  • Drafting or reviewing in-house standards, manuals and other forms of audit guidance
  • Training needs analyses; advice on training provision; evaluation of the impact of training
  • Advice for Ministries of Finance, SAIs, Head Offices, Central Banks and regulators on promoting and monitoring internal audit functions
  • Participation in aid-funded and other development projects
  • Presentations at courses, seminars and conferences
  • Involvement in academic courses
  • Guidance on professional examinations and studies
  • Access to and collaboration with the services of other top class organisations in this field

Services may range from a free exchange of emails, face-to-face consultation, or a one-off one day session, through to a significant involvement, for example acting as your “guru” and mentor over a period of time. We work with all levels and positions – board directors, senior managers, line managers, specialists and staff, from new entrants to those embued with years of experience and wisdom.

The scope of KWC’s portfolio covers:

Internal Auditing

All aspects – ranging from basic principles to advanced practices, from essential assurance to arguable consulting activities. Keith is a recognised expert and international authority in this area; and if he can’t do it – he knows someone who can! He is renowned for being able to convince auditors they can audit anything, from payroll (admittedly with some reluctance – there are far more exciting and rewarding audits) to business ethics. Guidance includes value for money auditing, the auditor and fraud, environmental and CSR audits – as well as general subjects such as meeting professional standards, strategic planning, risk-based auditing, leading audit teams etc. All sectors are covered: central and local government, healthcare, trade and commerce, financial services, manufacturing, oil and gas, professional services – with specialist input where necessary.

Business Control

The basic building blocks of business success. Services include guidance for managers, control specialists, and compliance staff as well as auditors. Keith has been a leading pioneer of Control Self-Assessment, and is co-author of a definitive text on the subject with Andy Wynne - still selling after all these years! Services include training in facilitation skills, advice and assistance in running risk workshops and other CSA exercises. Being fiercely independent of mind, Keith recommends no particular control framework, but can and does advise on the merits and use of COSO (I and 2), COCO, UK Combined Code and the rest.

Risk Management

Keith is a member of the Institute of Risk Management and for many years has been providing training and guidance in Enterprise and Business Unit Risk Management. Despite all the recent fuss, it really is not new! But times are changing and demanding, pressures growing – and effective risk management (and it does not always work) should bring its own rewards. Real-life case-histories used range from Hurricane Katrina to the Great £55 million Cash Robbery at Tonbridge – just down the road from our office. We are still helping the police with their enquiries.

Confusion often exists between the roles of internal auditors, risk officers and others – we can help you sort this out.

Corporate Governance

We all know that control starts - and ends - at the top. But getting to the top, and convincing others, can be a problem. And we know that audit committees do not always work. We have extensive experience of advising top level officials and working directly with senior managers and Heads of Internal Audit in assessing the overall governance arrangements, and seeking to win over hearts and minds and provoke cultural change where needed.

State Auditing

Directly or with other bodies such as Crown Agents, we assist Auditor General’s Offices and other State Audit functions in developing their role and the skills of their staff – not just in financial auditing, but in Performance Auditing (Value for Money), control evaluation, risk management, and other areas.

Soft Skills Training

Our services for auditors, risk officers and others in this area have been developed in association with Effective Training and Development, led by the inspirational Arnie Skelton. No risk of death through Powerpoint with him and his team. Want to improve your skills in communication, facilitation, persuasion and negotiation? Or develop more self –confidence? Arnie’s your man.

And by the way ….

All fees are negotiable with the client. We need to make a profit, you have a budget. We can reach agreement.